Venture Capital in Japan

In June 2018, the Unicorn Mercari (EC platform for C2C used sales) made their debut on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers. At that time a $7B valuation. Now, valued at $6.5B. The early investor United (Serie A ¥300M) cached out 30% of their shares at ¥13.5B value.

Mercari x Neymar (commemorative 100M app downloads CM)

Some numbers of startup deals in Japan:

  • $2.5B on 882 deals in 2017
  • $541M from 237 investors (VC/CVC/Angels) in 115 deals, 2018 1Q
  • $628M from 342 investors (VC/CVC/Angels) in 182 deals, 2018 2Q
  • Few foreign funds: Draper, Goldman Sachs, Salesforce and Samsung Ventures
  • 40 M&A’s in 2018 including Yahoo Japan ¥9.36B Kurashiru merger in July

Japanese VC’s and Startups in Brazil

There are few investments from Japanese VC/CVC funds in Brazil:

  • Rakuten acquired EC platform Ikeda in 2011/06
  • Dentsu acquired mobile ad mkt Pontomobi in 2015/10
  • Mitsui (CVC) investment in edtech Geekie 2015/05 (Serie B)
  • Transcosmos (CVC) investment in EC startup Infracommerce 2016/11 (Serie C)
  • Softbank (CVC) investment in ridesharing startup 99 2017/01 (Serie C)

And only one Japanese VC with office in Brazil Brazil Venture Capital

*DSJP Consulting is a service platform for VC’s and Startups in Japan. Tracking all deals and M&A’s on the Japanese startup ecosystem.


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